Preparing your boat for a storm

It’s winter-time, which means it’s also storm season, and the UK is experiencing its fair share of storms this year already.

They’re coming in quick so make sure you’re prepared for the next one with our helpful guidance (in no particular order) and product list.

You may not need to do all these things, depending on your circumstances, but we hope it will serve as a reference point to becoming storm ready.

1) Keep an eye on the weather forecast to give yourself as much time as possible to prepare for the upcoming storm. Visit the Met Office UK Storm Centre.

2) Clean the bilge of debris and check all pumps to ensure they are functioning correctly.

3) Secure and lock all hatches and portlights. Ensure they are watertight with duct or sealing tape, if necessary.

4) Secure all loose gear and clear out items that could clog scuppers and drains.

5) Double up your lines and use mooring compensators to limit boat movement.

6) Install chafe gear where mooring lines touch the pilings, boat or tie rails.

7) Stop your boat from bouncing against the dock or your neighbour by adding fenders where contact can be expected.

8) Remove or secure anything that could increase wind resistance such as canvas covers, antennas, sails, booms, life rings, dinghies, etc.

9) Check your battery to ensure it is working correctly and that your shore power cord is plugged in, twist locked, and secured to the pedestal.

10) Anchor your boat with several anchors to improve holding power.

11) Do not stay aboard your boat during a storm.

We’ve prepared a list of products that will help you get storm-ready based on the advice above. Browse these products here.

Remember if your boat is exposed to the elements, you will need to check it after the storm to ensure there is no damage.

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