How Are Gael Force Creels Made?


Gael Force creels have been developed from designs and principles employed by generations of Scottish shell fishermen working the rock-bound Atlantic coasts of the Outer Hebrides, North West of Scotland which are some of the most challenging waters in the world.

Using this ancient knowledge as a bedrock for modern engineering and manufacturing methods, we have designed a range of creels which can beat the harshest extremes of Atlantic weather to deliver great catching and holding power.

Gael Force creels incorporate a unique frame designed to minimise the number of welded joints needed at stress points. The strength of the steel itself is used to deliver a more efficient end product which doesn’t rely on welding to create strength. A state-of­-the-art computer-controlled production system supports the expertise of the design.

All our creels are hand-finished by traditionally trained craftsmen and subjected to a rigorous individual quality inspection.

The majority of our creels are fitted with a bait bag, which preserves the bait intact for longer, and prevents other predators like seals from stealing it. This keeps the creel fishing for longer. Gael Force bait bags are also very fast to use and allow for greater flexibility in the types of bait used. The net result is greater catches and increased earnings. Fishermen report that Gael Force creels are still full even when uncollected for weeks.


We make a variety of types of shellfish traps, for crab, lobster, prawn and shrimp, but the most popular, representing 70% of our total output, are the 24″ and 26″ classic soft eye creels. These are constructed from 8mm and 10mm diameter steel, straightened and cut from coils supplied directly from the steel mill.

The extremely robust design has the weight distributed on the base of the frame, giving optimum strength and stability, and ensuring the creels always land the right way up.

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These expertly designed and crafted creels are supported by an extensive range of specialist ropes and hardware to create the most comprehensive product portfolio for static gear fishing available.

Our Quality is still catching…

As the longest established creel manufacturing company in the UK, Gael Force’s priority has always been to provide the best quality for the best value.

Over the years, we have built our reputation for excellence in creels on the principle of listening to and working to meet the demands of our customers. The close relationships we have forged as a result mean that we have been able to respond to market demands with a policy of continual product development and evolution. We have developed the best range of products available to meet the most demanding conditions while simultaneously raising catching power.

This commitment to catching ability, durability, quality materials, workmanship and professionalism underpins our whole manufacturing process and continues to reward shell fishermen everywhere with the catches they work so hard to achieve.

Within the UK market, we lead the field, and professional fishermen trust Gael Force creels because of their proven increased catch rates, durability and traditional high-quality workmanship. A blend of end-user knowledge plus design and manufacturing expertise gives the Gael Force creel range its credibility.

Our creels work. Whether you choose from our comprehensive stock range or use our extensive knowledge and experience to design and develop a trap to the specifications required for your particular fishery, Gael Force provides the solution.

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For more information about our creels, hardware and specialist rope or to place an order, please get in touch with one of our UK Area Sales Managers by visiting this page. Alternatively, call our Sales Desk on 01463 229 400.

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