Our Best-Selling Fixed VHF Radios This Year

Last year, we sent an email to our subscribers looking at our top 3 best-selling Handheld VHF Radios to recommend to our customers.

This year, we’re looking at Fixed VHF Radios, so without further ado…

What are our best-selling Fixed VHF Radios so far this year?

1. Standard Horizon GX1700E Fixed GPS/DSC Radio. RRP £213.99. NOW £179.95. SAVE 16%.


Out of the box, the GX1700 is ready to go. DSC calling, position sharing, waypoint navigation, and navigation to DSC distress calls can all be performed with just a few simple steps. Plus, DSC is made easy with internal 12 Channel GPS built into the front panel meaning there is no need to deal with wiring the radio to a GPS for DSC.

The GX1700 is an ITU-R M493 Class D class VHF with a separate Channel 70 receiver, which allows DSC calls to be received even when listening to communications. This model is capable of entering and saving up to 100 waypoints. These waypoints can be selected and navigated to by using a unique navigation compass display with the internal 12 channel WAAS GPS.

The use of Clear Voice Noise Reduction Technology eliminates unwanted background noises like engines and wind during transmission. It ensures transmissions are crystal clear along with dedicated 16/9, H/L keys and channel selection. The GX1700 can also be set to monitor WX channels and provide an audible alert to inform of pending storm advisories.

Find out what our customers have said:

Out of all the radios on the market this one is a cut above the rest in both quality and features. Compact size, clear display even in bright sunlight, Rapid start and satellite aquisiton time with a host of clever features.

My favourite is the way point navigation which is useful as a […] backup in case the plotter packs up. Voice tx and rx both crystal clear and with a good range. Don’t think about it, buy it; you won’t regret it.


If you’re looking for a new radio you won’t go wrong with this one. Easy to install and setup with an impressive range of features. Surely the best value for money radio in this price range.


If you require private channels to be programmed, please call us on 01463229400 or detail your requirements in the Order Notes section of the checkout process.

2. Icom M330GE Fixed VHF DSC Radio with GPS Receiver. RRP £262.49. NOW £209. SAVE 20%.


Icom created one of the smallest fixed VHF/DSC radios in the world with the M330GE and its front face that is so compact that it matches the size of a modern smartphone. It was also one of the first Icom fixed marine VHF radios to comply with the maritime ITU standard “ITU-R M493014” which required it to have an external GPS antenna.

The combination of the directional keypad and soft keys provides simple and smooth operation. The most-used functions are assigned to soft keys for quick one-push function access. The newly designed speaker offers distortion-free, dynamic and clear audio, even when it’s at full volume, over a wide bass and treble range.

The radio will also monitor CH 70 continuously, even while you are receiving another channel. DSC functions include distress, individual, group, all ships, urgency, safety, position request/report, polling request and DSC test calls.

The GPS receiver provides your location, bearing and speed by using information from GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. The acquired position information can be used for DSC calls. An external GPS antenna is supplied to maximise coverage.

3. Standard Horizon GX2200E Fixed VHF DSC Radio. RRP £394.49. NOW £339.95. SAVE 14%.


The Matrix AIS/GPS GX2200 makes AIS simple and easy right out of the box. The GX2200 is the first fixed radio to include built-in receivers for both GPS and AIS.

Remarkably, it can display AIS targets in a radar-style format on the large 1.8 inch LCD screen featured at the front of the radio. This allows the user to not only clearly identify each target from the MMSI information being transmitted, but also to determine its course.

The screen will provide a target’s MMSI number, call sign, ship name, bearing, distance, speed over ground and course over ground. There is also a Closest Point of Approach alarm if a target vessel strays too close.

For quick and precise communication, an automatic DSC call can be made to a specific AIS equipped vessel by simply selecting the target and pressing the call button. Polling is used for vessels that wish to keep abreast of each other’s location, such as a cruising flotilla, or a group of fishing boats.

Find out what our customers have said:

Simple to install, amazingly feature packed, reasonable to operate given number of functions available. With DSC, GPS and AIS all built-in [it] is excellent value for money.


Having used secondhand radios previously, this Radio is the Bees Knees, as they say. Not used all of its features yet, but simple to add all the detail you want. GPS connects quickly, and the AIS is a real help, especially for a small boat offshore.


If you require private channels to be programmed, please call us on 01463229400 or detail your requirements in the Order Notes section of the checkout process.

So which Fixed VHF Radio are you using?

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