Gael Force Antifouling – Trusted By Our Customers

Since launching our own brand of Gael Force Antifouling over five seasons ago, we continue to receive excellent feedback from a range of boat owners across the UK. It is a copper-based, economical (cruising grade) self-eroding antifouling with proven performance within a wide variety of UK conditions and many European locations.

The antifouling is self-priming when topping up existing (similar copper-based) antifoulings; otherwise Gael Force Multi-Purpose Metallic Primer is required before application. We have found it to be most suitable for general sailing and for freshwater.

It is best known for creating less ‘build-up’ than many traditional antifoulings – a revelation to some given the value of this product. It is best suited to GRP, Wood, Steel and Ferro-Cement as well as use on drying moorings. It is not suitable for aluminium or galvanised surfaces.

Find out what our customers have been saying about our antifouling over the years.

Sandy G (14/01/2015):

Hauled the boat out after seven months on a swing mooring and was very impressed with the results of this antifouling – just a thin layer of slime, otherwise clean as a whistle. A quick blast with the jet hose and she’s ready for winter storage. I shall be using this again.

Peter S (21/08/2015):

It has done a very good job this season. No seagrass or other fouling. I cannot see any difference in performance between Gael Force Antifouling and the far more expensive, highly promoted brands.

Web Review (07/03/2018):

Gael Force own brand antifouling did a good job last year and have bought another tin for this year. Had been using far more expensive brand which was not much use, bottom was always bad after 7 months. This paint did much better, less sludge/weed/barnacles and the bottom was a lot easier to clean. So very happy with this product.

Mr Fulton (21/07/2018):

I just wanted to give some positive feedback about your antifouling – this is after 16 months afloat. The barnacles have always been a problem regardless of the antifouling used and I know other boats on the same moorings have the same problem… They really did just fall off. I didn’t have to scrape a single barnacle off they all came away with the pressure washer.

Alongside this fantastic feedback from Mr Fulton, he supplied some great visuals of the effectiveness of our antifouling when the boat first came out of the water and after it had been washed.

He even showed us how the boat looked once the new antifouling had been applied. Isn’t she a beauty?


Graham (14/12/2018):

I used this three years ago on my Broom 35 European. I use the boat on the Thames, hence fresh water and low hull speeds. I had the boat lifted this year and it was clear that this product had produced good anti foul protection. So I have bought it again.

How to apply it:

  1. Stir well before use.
  2. Apply by roller, brush, or spray.
  3. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from salt.
  4. Apply 2 coats per season with extra around areas of turbulence such as rubber, keel, waterline, and leading edge allowing from 4 to 16 hours between coats dependent on temperature.

Gael Force Antifouling is available at £39.99 for a 2.5-litre tin. Grab yours here.

Special Offer: When you buy one or more tins, you’ll get a roll of long-life masking tape worth £4.99 FREE!

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